U.S. deficit falls to $680 billion

Fiscal year 2013, which ended Sept. 30, was a much better year for federal coffers than the four previous ones. That’s thanks in large part to an improving economy and a mix of fiscal restraint measures.

Federal Reserve prolongs stimulus

There’s still no end in sight for the Federal Reserve’s stimulus program, known as quantitative easing, after the central bank met this week and decided to keep buying $85 billion in bonds each month.

The hottest job skill is…

The Army, NYPD and State Department can’t get enough workers with this job skill. Neither can Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, local courts and schools.

Aiming for more than bupkis on the budget

Budget experts have low expectations about panel charged with negotiating a budget deal. The hope is it will at least carve out a mini-deal to get the government through 2014. The biggest roadblocks: The sequester and revenue.