Economy to grow at 4%? Really? How?

If you said on January 1 that long-standing regimes in the Arab world would topple in the first half of 2011 AND that there’d be a massive earthquake and nuclear crisis in Japan AND that floods, tornadoes and wildfires would wreak havoc on a large portion of the United States, congratulations. You get a cookie.

Obama’s labor union problem

How many ways are there to sidestep Congress’ refusal to make it easier for unions to organize? Let us count them. No, better than that, let’s add yet another example — this one involving Delta Airlines — to the growing pile of end-runs around Congress to reward a constituency this White House badly needs at […]

Obama to Congress: Do your job

With the clock ticking down, President Obama told lawmakers in no uncertain terms Wednesday that he expects them to deliver a compromise deal to raise the debt ceiling.

Talk of natural gas bubble draws industry ire

Big energy company executives and government researchers are firing back at a recent New York Times story suggesting the recent boom in natural gas production from shale rock is unsustainable and perhaps fraudulent.

7 lat wykorzystanych szans czy utraconych możliwości?

Narodowa Strategia Spójności (Narodowe Strategiczne Ramy Odniesienia), zaakceptowana przez Komisję Europejską w dniach 9 – 10 maja 2007 r.  otworzyła przed polskimi przedsiębiorcami szansę na pozyskanie dofinansowania umożliwiającego im rozwój w obszarze ich działalności. W samych latach 2007 – 2013 z Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego, Europejskiego Funduszu Społecznego oraz Funduszu Spójności Polska otrzyma 67,3 mld […]

Debt ceiling delay would be 'chaotic’

Here’s what Americans can look forward to if lawmakers fail to raise the debt ceiling in time: Treasury would not be able to pay between 40% and 45% of the 80 million payments it needs to make every month.

Austerity sparks riots in Athens

Protests turned violent Tuesday in Greece as police fired tear gas in Athens to disperse stone-throwing demonstrators who had taken to the streets to voice their objection to austerity measures.